Yen-de-Zyn (Antigen Design Service): $195 FREE

(a no-obligation, valuable design service included with each antibody project)

Proper design of a suitable antigen is often the most crucial step in ultimately deriving a useful antibody. Our team of scientists led by Dr. Yen, a seasoned immunologist/immunochemist, has accumulated a weatlh of experience in assisting investigators for more than twenty years and has successfully raised antibodies against problematic proteins including GPCR, channel proteins, and post-translationally modified proteins that often require special epitope designs as well as customized immunization regimens.


At YenZym we approach each investigator's antibody project just as we do with all our in-house R&D projects. The success of an anti-peptide antibody depends heavily on efforts put in during the initial phase of protein analysis and epitope designs. The more information gained by access of databases and perusal of publications, the better the design of optimal epitopes for successful antibody production.

For peptide epitope (often the most common antigen format) design, our scientists will:

Our team of scientists will also help you in proper design and assigning correct orientation of small ligands, to facilitate the production of effective antibodies for your bio-assays.

We encourage you to take full advantage of this free, valuable technical consultation, prior to the start of your antibody project. Call to discuss or e-mail us your protein/amino acid sequence or GenBank accession number and provide your specific preferences for epitope design.



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