Optional Services



Rabbit Pre-screening

Certain investigators working on proteins derived from C.elegans, yeasts, bacteria, etc., prefer the pre-screening of rabbit serum in order to rule out animals with pre-existing antibodies to the aforementioned microorganisms.

Rabbit Pre-screening

  • 4 rabbit pre-immune serum
  • 5 ml pre-immune serum per rabbit

Follow-up Antibody Service

Follow-up antibody services are sometimes used to maximize final antiserum volume and antibody titer particularly for antibodies proven valuable following the Regularâ„¢ Antibody regimen.

Follow-up Antibody Service:

  • 2 additional months of follow-up service
  • 2 additional booster immunizations
  • 50 ml additional antiserum per rabbit
  • ELISA included

$550 per 2 rabbits


$350 per 1 rabbit

Additional Antigen-Carrier Protein Conjugation

Additional Antigen-Carrier Protein Conjugation (5 mg of conjugated material)

Choice of:

  • KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin)
  • Thyroglobulin
  • BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin)
  • GIgG (Goat IgG)


Additional Antigen-Coupled Affinity Matrix

Additional Antigen-Coupled Affinity Matrix

  • Gel-type is dependent upon coupling chemistry



Antigen-Specific Affinity Purification on Additional Follow-up Antiserum

Antigen Specific Affinity Purification on Additional Follow-up Antiserum

  • Separate purification of both rabbit antiserum
  • Up to 100 ml of antiserum purified
  • ELISA of pre- vs. post-purified antiserum vs. affinity purified antibody
  • SDS-PAGE of purified antibody
  • Affinity matrix will be provided to the investigator upon completion of project



Peptide Synthesis Only

For custom peptide amounts, purity, modifications, etc., please inquire.


AAALAC Accreditation

For projecs requiring AAALAC accreditation, please inquire


Our team will work closely with you to accomodate any additional needs for your projects. Please contact us with your additional requests.


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