Regular™ Rabbit Antibody Service (3 to 3 1/2 month service)

Yen-de-Zyn (Antigen Design Service)

$195 FREE!

Synthesis of optimally designed peptide:

  • General grade peptide (usually at 50-60% purity or higher)
  • Mass spectrometry included
  • Up to 15 amino acids in length
  • Remaining amount sent to investigator


($15 per amino acid over 15 residues)

Carrier Protein Conjugatoins of:

  • Peptide to KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin) or THY (Thyroglobulin) for immunization purpose
  • Peptide to (Goat IgG; when needed) for ELISA purpose

Regular™Antibody Production (2 rabbits):

  • NIH/OLAW/PHS assured, USDA certified, IACUC regulated animal facility
  • One priming immunization, 3 bi-weekly boosters, test bleed, 1 final booster and production bleed
  • 5 ml pre-immune serum per rabbit
  • 5 ml test bleed serum per rabbit
  • Pre-immune vs. test bleed ELISA
  • 50 ml production antiserum per rabbit
$1,295 $995

*The price of Regular™ Antibody Production using ready-to-use immunogen provided by the investigator is $600 per project.


Our animal facility is NIH/OLAW/PHS assured, USDA certified, and IACUC regulated.


For projects requiring AAALAC accreditation, or for ShotGun™ Antibody Service special utilizing the USDA certified, IACUC regulated animal facility, please inquire.


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